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The most important difference between Madonna and Lady Gaga has nothing to do with their music at all.


Themis Georgantas met Lady Gaga in Denmark. The famous singer spoke exclusively about people, about Greece, Madonna, her father’s reaction to her new tattoo, but also the period in which they felt exploited. check out:

  • What did you think of Greece? As far as I know, this is the first time you did a show in our country. 

Greece is one of the most important countries in the world. My stay, but the show I did in Athens is something I will remember forever. Personally, I felt an incredible connection with the internal culture that produces Greece. And in three days that I stayed in Athens, the world had suffered a shock because I had flooded the hotel where I was staying. I loved Athens and made ​​many tours in the historic center. It’s the first show I did in Greece and it is understood that if they call me, I’ll return. 

  • Your new album is called Cheek to Cheek with the singer and jazz legend Tony Bennett. This album was released 20 days ago. It’s something completely against what we’re used to seeing for so many years? 

I’ve always been erratic. Since I was 13, I admired jazz and would like to try something similar. Frank Sinatra had previously said that Tony Bennett is your favorite artist, something I noticed when I met him. He is very generous and is a great honor to have worked with him. I’m proud of all my previous songs and not erase any of my past. Cheek to Cheek is the album that I wanted to do more. I think this time I am in my best stage, both vocal and in terms of career development. It is worth noting that in the three days I was in Greece, Tony Bennett was with me. Of course, no one understood why we did not do any public appearance. 

  • You recently tattooed a trumpet inside of your arm. And his father was furious with this action. Truth? 

The truth is that my father was not pleased when I was tattooing, but the point is that I’m a Lady (Lady) and a Slut (Tramp). (“The lady is a tramp”, the title of a duet with Tony Bennett). 

  • In the VIP area of ​​the stage, on show in Herning, Denmark, I saw your parents. 

We are very connected. My family is always by my side in all my tours as well as Asia, my dog​​. (A French Bulldog). 

  • In ‘Born This Way Ball Tour’ you broke your hip. You work tirelessly. Did you do it for money or is a kind of inner necessity? 

I didn’t this for money. After my first songs that made big hits, I did not have a financial issue. But when you’re an artist, you create an artistic addiction and constantly want to do things. There, then, you should have around you the right people, they will protect it, and not take advantage of you like a product. Unfortunately, the “Born This Way Tour” he has not protected me and treated me like a piece of meat. Saw me as a consumer product and when I stopped to make a profit, he went to the next artist. (At that time, according to a report in the New York Times, she had fired her manager, Troy Carter). 

  • The gay community loves you. You could say that you built your career on that love. It’s something really real or is it more for marketing purposes? 

It was something totally accidental. My first hit (“Just Dance”) was originally recognized by the gay community. Of course, along the way, my songs were accepted by all and I am very grateful. My favorite songs are “You and I” and “Bad Romance”, which set me on the conscience of the world. 

  • What are your musical influences? 

David Bowie, Queen, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. I would like to mention Madonna, but you know what I’m going to tell you? If I was an established artist, I would love to help new artists. 

  • What do you mean? Madonna has no soul? 

You said it, not me! 

  • After many years, what would you leave behind? 

I suffered bullying when I was young. If a child is comforted by my clothes, this will be the most successful for me. In everything we do, there is a message. When I put meat in the head and my body, I did it for fun. I wanted to show that some people treat us like a piece of meat.


when straight guys cover songs by female artists and don’t change the pronouns




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